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This is an RP journal for Hannibal Lecter. While I do take some inspiration from the movies, I pull primarily from the novels by Thomas Harris.

3rd Person Sample

Third Person Sample:
Adour at the St. Regis was one of the finest restaurants in the city. It was decorated tastefully, priced exorbitantly, and its food was exemplary, even if it did not compare to the kind of repast Hannibal excelled in procuring for himself.

At present, he was sizing up his waiter.

He was a slender man, somewhere in his early twenties. The long, white sleeves of his crisply-pressed shirt did not quite hide a tattoo on his right wrist. His hair was the colour of honey and slicked back, much as Hannibal had done with his, in his youth. Something about the cannibal's maroon gaze seemed to unsettle the boy. Somewhere in the reptilian part of his brain, the waiter knew that he was encountering a threat. As was often the case in men so young, he seemed to be opting for fight instead of flight.

Hannibal could see it in his eyes, read it in the stiffness of his posture, and hear it in the tone of his voice. Had he been anyone other than who he was, the cannibal might have been put off his food by the animosity radiating from the boy. As it was, he kept his own half of their exchanges light and cordial, deriving a mild sort of amusement from his affect on the younger man.

He was just finishing his duck breast fillet ‘au sautoir’ when the young man came by, bringing a bottle of wine to refill his glass. When Hannibal nodded, the waiter filled the glass, then purposefully sloshed a bit of the wine over Hannibal's plate with an ill-hidden sneer.

Hannibal watched the young man's retreating back with a slight smile, lifting the wine glass to breathe in its bouquet.

One thing was assured: he would not go hungry in this town.

An Interview of Sorts

Who or what, if anything, would you kill for?
I see it as a public service. Our species has reached a point in its evolution where it, sadly, has no natural enemies but itself. It is necessary to cull the weakest aspects of humanity to ensure that the best thrives. You do not let weeds grow alongside the roses.

What is your guilty pleasure?
Guilty pleasure? I see no point in guilt. It is an emotion instituted and perpetuated by those in power, or those who want to be in power, as a means of manipulating the weak. However, I have many pleasures. While our species does certainly have its drawbacks, it also has much about it which is commendable. I have a great appreciation for knowledge, philosophy, art, music, theatre and... I have a great appreciation for good food...

Which would you rather give up: television or books?
My experience with television is limited. I was in a rather sticky spot in Baltimore for some years, and there was a television in my... room. I was not terribly impressed with what I found on its channels. You may keep it. There is nothing there that I cannot find in a more informative capacity through books and newspapers.

If you could solve any one current world crisis, which would you solve?
I am solving it. One person at a time.

What is your biggest pet peeve?
Rudeness is epidemic. I believe I mentioned the weeds...?

Do you believe in God?
No. I am not one of those who would take comfort in a slave-master, nor do I consider spending an eternity in Heaven singing His praises to be any kind of paradise. Oblivion is preferable.

Given a choice, would you choose immortality over death?
I would not enjoy life so much as I do if it were permanent, I should think.

What is your greatest fear?
To be shut up, without so much as a view, congenial company, or a good meal. To live the rest of my life surrounded by gibbering madmen and treated as just another one of them, by people the majority of whom do not have even one tenth of intellect or taste required to be interesting. My... room, in Baltimore epitomized it.

What is the one thing you couldn't live without?
I can live without a great deal. My time under Chilton's care taught me that. But I would never again want to live without my freedom.


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